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Read this Book Yo! x 2

My baby :)


23 Chapters and going strong....

Le Jen Jen

Latest Muse Offering

It's an experiemental "Stream of Conscious" from my new alter -ego "Miss. Bobby Jane" today we had a meltdown like Billy Joe  Armstrong (front man of Greenday) style.  Scheduling the surgery just isn't going well....



R.I.P. Piper

Saturday 10:20 a.m.

Salem "Piper" Hunter Roguex passed away in my arms..

Complications of mammary tumors, one of the hardest choices and worst days of my life.

Will love you beyond the ends of time Pips..

Catch you on the flip side with Gran.

Requiscat in Pace Deorum mi cara filia.

Read My Stuffs

So this side gig I do on spare time.  I write articles for the Yahoo Voices network. I have published three so far, will be starting no. 4 tomorrow most likely.



So for those unbelievers(we all have them)  here is your glass of STFU.

Jen Jen

Listen to this Band

They are called One-Eyed Doll...

I am in love with them...

It was nice to get kudos from the lead singer on Facebook and Twitter today....

I feel kinda special..

Nah I'm still just a lonely spider on my web...


I totally want to write a Gothic Opera to their "Monster" album.

Jen Jen

Read This Book

This is my pet project...Work-In-Progress.

And I tell ALL my peeps this.  Read past the prologue you will understand it better...

Tenatively Titled "Human Skin" Ch. IX (9) is being currently written..  Please follow link below.



Well I'll be..

Recently acquired an Art Print that in the end is really not "me" as I had thought.

Placed  it on the wall with my other lovelies, and just it didn't mesh at all..

Grabbed an envelope and mailed it to the Drow Momma...(literally placed in mail box  five minutes ago)

I think she'll like it more..

It happens to the best of us..

Jen Jen

Behold My New Store

So I opened my own Zazzle store, since my roomie pointed out I'm there like all the time..

It's still growing product wise.......But there's about 19 products already...


Jen Jen

Bittersweet is Thy Flavor

I'm still trying to process the news of last night, and I'm still going to hunt her down...(Baby sibling has a deathwish)

But my family is rapidly growing, not sure if its exactly a good thing...

Thinking of Skyler, Kaleb, and the Bio-Mom...

Also had a fleeting thought, if not for stupid decisions...

I'd have two bouncing 2 1/2 year olds right now myself....

Jesus Christ, we must descend from fertility gods..

Jen Jen

Brings Out The Maypoles & Cakes

Where have 16 years gone?  My twin neices are 16 now !!!

Joyeux Anniversaire to Jolie Fiona Lilith and Nimue Tyra Helene daughters of my sister Skyler mes neices doux..

Vous aimera toujours!

~~Zia Kaele